Authentic BBQ Train Smoker

BBQ Train SmokerAuthentic BBQ Train Smoker

Here at Hadlow’s BBQ Flames we switch our menus in the evening to the evening menu which features meals that are cooked on our famous BBQ Train Smoker. Our famous train smoker is a handcrafted model of a train which doubles up as a real life BBQ smoker. It is fuelled by kiln-dried wood and charcoal.

We guarantee you would have never tasted BBQ and Grilled food so good in your life. It’s what makes us stand out from everybody else!

Cooked to your likingBBQ Grilled Steak Lancaster

All food is prepared and cooked freshly on-site in our kitchens and on our BBQ train smoker. All food is cooked to your liking so whether you like your steak rare, medium or well-done, just let us know when you order!

Delicious BBQ Food

Our menus are loaded with all your favourite meals cooked in such a way, you could never find a replicate anywhere else. We insist you try out one of our dishes from our Mains menu.

You can view our Menus by clicking here.

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